Nourish Me - home cooked meals for baby and beyond


Our kitchen is not allergen free. We can try our best to avoid cross contamination, but we cannot guarantee this.

Chicken with sweet potato and spinach
Lemon chicken with potato and carrots
Chicken casserole
Chicken with carrot, parsnip and ginger 
Chicken with root vegetables
Pasta bolognaise- wheat
Cottage pie
Beef with sweet potato and carrot
Beef casserole
Beef with carrots and tomato and courgette
Turkey with potatoes and peas
Turkey with sweet potato and courgette
Turkey casserole
Cod with sweet potato and mixed peppers- fish
Cod with mango and potato- fish
Cheesy cod with potato and spinach- fish, dairy (cheese, milk)
Fish pie- fish
Salmon with sweet potato and courgette- fish
Salmon with potatoes and broccoli- fish

Pasta with cauliflower and broccoli cheese- wheat, dairy (milk, cheese)
Courgette and pepper risotto
vegetable risotto
Pasta with creamy tomato and veg sauce- wheat, dairy (milk)
Cous cous with ratatouille- wheat
cheesy potato with carrot and courgette- dairy (cheese, milk)
mixed potatoes with cheesy spinach- dairy (cheese, milk)
Finger Food
- Tuna and sweetcorn fritters- fish, wheat, eggs, dairy (cheese, milk)
- Baked fish fingers- fish, corn, eggs, barley
- Chicken goujons- corn, eggs, barley
- Chicken and sweet potato cakes- wheat, eggs
- Chicken and vegetable burgers-wheat, eggs
- Beefy burgers (with hidden vegetables)- wheat, eggs
- Turkey burgers-wheat, eggs
- Vegetable muffins-wheat, eggs, dairy (milk, cheese)

Toddler meals
Fish Pie-fish, dairy (milk, cheese)
- Baked fish fingers with potatoes and peas- fish, corn, barley
- Tuna and sweetcorn fritters with sweet potato- fish, wheat, dairy (milk, cheese)
- Cauliflower and broccoli cheesy pasta- wheat, dairy (milk, cheese)
- Chicken and sweet potato cakes with cous cous- wheat, eggs
- Chicken and vegetable burgers with rice- wheat, eggs
- Baked chicken goujons with sweet potato sticks- corn, eggs, barley
- Pasta bolognaise- wheat
- Cottage Pie
- Beefy burgers (with hidden vegetables) and cous cous-wheat, eggs
- Turkey burgers with potato wedges-wheat, eggs

Banana and sultana oaty bites- contains oats, milk
apricot oaty bites- contains oats, milk, sulphur dioxide
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