Nourish Me - home cooked meals for baby and beyond

All our baby meals come in 3 sizes. 75g, 150g and 200g
They contain no added salt or sugar.
The food can be mixed or blended to any consistency you would like for your baby. Simply state your preferences when you order.
The skin of fruit and vegetables contains much of the nutrients and flavour, and is therefore kept on when possible, but cooked in a way to make it soft and gentle for your little one to enjoy.

Fruit and Vegetable puree pots:
The fruit and vegetable purees are aimed at first stage weaning when your baby is trying new flavours. Each container has 300g of your chosen fruit or vegetable, enabling you to mix and match new flavours in portions that suit you and your little one.

 £4 per 300g container or £5 to split into 3 pots of 100g
- Apple, pear, plum, mango 
- Nectarine, apricot(in season only)
- Sweet potato, broccoli, parsnip, carrot, cauliflower, peas, butternut squash, spinach, potato, courgette

NEW Organic Fruit and Vegetable puree pots NEW
£6 per 300g or £7 to split into 3 pots of 100g
- carrot, parsnip, broccoli, potato, sweet potato
- apple, pear 
Main meals: (minimum order 2 of each dish)
75g - £2.20       150g - £2.60       200g - £3.10

- Chicken with sweet potato and spinach
- Lemon chicken with potato and carrots
- Chicken casserole
- Chicken with carrot, parsnip and ginger 
- Chicken with root vegetables
- Pasta bolognaise
- Cottage pie
- Beef with sweet potato and carrot
- Beef casserole
- Beef with carrots and tomato and courgette
- Turkey with potatoes and peas
- Turkey with sweet potato and courgette
- Turkey casserole
- Cod with sweet potato and mixed peppers
- Cod with mango and potato
- Cheesy cod with potato and spinach
- Fish pie
- Salmon with sweet potato and courgette
- Salmon with potatoes and broccoli
Vegetarian mains/sides: (minimum order 2 of each dish)
75g - £2.20       150g - £2.60       200g - £3.10
- Pasta with cauliflower and broccoli cheese
- Courgette and pepper risotto
- vegetable risotto
- Pasta with creamy tomato and veg sauce
- Cous cous with ratatouille
- cheesy potato with carrot and courgette
-  mixed potatoes with cheesy spinach
Finger Food Box (5 pieces per box) - £5
- Tuna and sweetcorn fritters
- Baked fish fingers
- Chicken goujons
- Chicken and sweet potato cakes
- Chicken and vegetable burgers
- Beefy burgers (with hidden vegetables)
- Turkey burgers
- Vegetable muffins

We aim to cater for all your little ones likes and dislikes so if there is something you want that is not on our menu then give us a call and we will try and accommodate you.

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