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"Weaning my twins has truly been made easy with the help of Gemma! All the dishes she has prepared from puree through various textures and now finger foods have been well recieved. They have experienced a wide variety of tastes and combinations I may not have thought of alone. Gemma has provided an excellent service and I am happy to recommend Nourish Me"
Danielle, Mill Hill

"Making nutritious food for your baby when you're a working mum is sometimes impossible! I'm so glad I was introduced to Gemma who makes delicious dishes that my 11 month old son adores. Gemma is a pleasure to deal with and offers an affordable and excellent service"
Natalie, Mill Hill

"Nourish Me is just fantastic. The food is utterly delicious and nutritious, always a hit with my daughter and her friends. Gemma is always helpful and more than happy to adapt things to my daughters taste. Such a peace of mind to know they are in my freezer and ready to go"
Nadine, Watford

“Nourish Me provides exactly what i need for my daughter. The meals are delicious and nutritious and we are looking forward to placing our next order”
Leanne, Mill Hill

“Gemma has been making delicious food for my daughter since we first started weaning. All her food is delicious which is probably why my daughter is such a good eater! She is always lovely and delivers the food direct to my door which is so convenient. I would highly recommend her to all my friends”
Nicola, Aldenham

"Gemma has been making food for my 16 month old daughter for 6 months now. It started off with pureed food and particularly the pureed fruit and veg. It has progressed to the toddler food although i still get pureed fruit to add to natural yogurt and pureed veg to add to main dishes. I know that Ellie is eating very well and as a consequence she is healthy and strong. I feel good as a working mum that my little one is still eating such nutritious food despite me not having the time to do it personally. I am simply too tired in the evenings now i am back at work. It is a life saver"
Juliette, Kent

"as a mum who has returned to work after a very short maternity leave, i would highly recommend Gemma. The food is fresh and my baby loves it. Plus i have found it easier to expose him to different foods as it is already prepared"
Darshani, Ruislip

"I highly recommend Gemma. its made life so much easier that she makes things my baby can eat and delicious food and amazing service"
Laura, Edgware

'He liked the chicken..and loved the fish pie..omg and the beef casserole!!' 
Jodie, Whetstone

'She absolutely loved the food. We turned such a corner with weaning after she had your food so I really can't thank you enough'
anonymous, Edgware

'Gemma, your food is always so well received by my toddler and now my baby. Your service is the best and one that I would recommend. You're easy to work with and makes feeding time with the kids that much easier xxxxx' Jodi, Woodside park

'We have been ordering meals from Gemma at Nourish Me for our two children for the last 3 years since they were age 1. Gemma supplies nutritious, healthy, kosher and yummy food for our children to enjoy at nursery. Our kids love Gemma's meals and we were happy parents knowing that our children's meals were taken care of for nursery without the hassle and worry of us having to prepare them. Gemma offers an invaluable service to busy parents. Thank you!' Shoshana, Borehamwood

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